No race, no problem

Trust me, I’m as disappointed as anyone that the Sprint Cup race from Watkins Glen was postponed until Monday, and stands a very good chance of being rained out even then.

But I would much rather sit and wait for a dry day than watch the Cup cars give it a shot in the rain, like many fans wanted to see on Sunday.

I remember being giddy when they decided to run the Nationwide cars in the rain at Montreal a couple of years back…and I also remember how that giddiness turned to repulsion as I witnessed the longest ten laps ever run, punctuated by half-laps of racing before guys were sliding off into the grass from the wet surface.

Just because they make the rain tires available don’t make them a good idea. Maybe in a Nationwide race, where the stakes aren’t quite as high. But Cup cars are just too heavy and too fickle to run in the wet, and, thankfully, NASCAR recognizes that.

So I will sit and wait, just as everyone else will have to do, for the Cup drivers to get on the (dry) course at the Glen and have at it, and save the rain tires for the sports cars and F1.


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